Yang Terlupakan


Work until you nolonger have to introduce yourself. Kita bekerja tidak hanya untuk persoalan meraih mimpi dan prestasi. Tetapi ada pekerjaan lain yang sebaiknya juga kita harus usahakan selayaknya kita bekerja keras untuk nilai- nilai akademik. Dari yang telah menginspirasi, ternyata ia selalu berusaha ( red : bekerja) berbuat baik nomatter how hard and how tired he is. Ia seperti tidak peduli lagi akan waktu yang ia habiskan, harta yang ia korbankan, ataupun perasaan yang mungkin juga sering tersakiti. Tetapi ia tidak pernah berhenti. Berbuat baik, membantu dalam hal apapun itu, peduli dalam apapun itu, seperti sudah menjadi kebiasaan otomatisnya. Ia, meskipun tak banyak yang menyadari bagaimana ia telah berkorban besar, meskipun kadang ia terlupakan, tetapi ia selalu berbesar hati dan mengikhlaskan segalanya.
Terima kasih telah membuatku sadar.

Friday, Dec 15th, 2017

Its better to me when you said “You seems to spend time for playing often in Yogyakarta. I saw your snapgram in one place to another place every week” than you said “What are you doing here (in the library)?  What do you do in your laptop? Why do you make your homework this early? Why do you study this early? Why do you watch this british girl vlog?”


Because I am in Indonesia, with my beloved surroundings, highly respective people who want to be closer to me and would ask if I did anything different.

Sorry for this ambiguous meaning 🙂

Take A Breath and Question Yourself


Why I incessantly consider that I have no adequate time to end up all of my whole plans in every week

Why I oftentimes feel that there are overload troubles along my work when  I’ve start with indeed grooming

Why I become enormously pitiful when people look at me so bad with a massive load appears in my sight

Why those kinds of efforts could tighten my mind to breath freely Continue reading “Take A Breath and Question Yourself”

Three Incredibly Awed Hikes

e Tips-for-Hiking-With-Kids.jpg
Picture from : smore4u.com – Arranged by : utamiki_

Three Incredibly Awed Hikes While I was Junior High School

In the name of Allah, The Lord of The Universe, I am hugely thankful for all the things have happened in 19 years of my life. Gratefully accepting in a university with the majority I like, living with lovely old friends and new friends, having various experiences, having a totally sacrificial dad and brother, and  Staying in a friendly city Yogyakarta, are all I grateful of until now.

It was a Sunday morning heart-filled training when I got an inspiration for a new writing in my blog. I was in a kind of flashback thoughts to my previous life. Nowadays, because I am too busy to remember how my life was, doing all the duties I have to and all the productive and influential activities to prepare my future dream.

So what is the inspiration like? It might look as simply as a diary posting, but for me it’s a new idea to tell. I will start from my JHS story in this post.

I realized how I freely took whatever I want to do in life since I was in junior high school. My parents never limited me Continue reading “Three Incredibly Awed Hikes”

How I Began 2017 – Mount Kelud Trip

(Source: Personal Collection)

I still remember the night I canceled my Toefl class trip to Mount Bromo, one of the most popular trips among pare students. I hated my culpable feeling that night because my classmates had booked the travel agent and already fixed the cost needed. My cancellation brought such terrible situation for them in which they all had to pay a higher cost.
Getting anger message Continue reading “How I Began 2017 – Mount Kelud Trip”

Nonton Pawai Budaya Jogja


Jum’at lalu, tepatnya 7 Oktober 2016 Jogja maghrib kembali diguyur oleh hujan yang cukup deras dalam waktu yang terbilang tidak singkat. Gue dan beberapa teman- teman industri dari sehabis UTS—kamis, udah merencanakan untuk pergi lihat Pawai Budaya Jogja. Awalnya sempat batalin aja planning ini karena emang rasanya nggak mungkin pergi, tapi menjelang jam 19 ternyata hujan mulai mereda dan ada harapan bahwa planning ini tidak akan menjadi wacana. Continue reading “Nonton Pawai Budaya Jogja”