How I Began 2017 – Mount Kelud Trip

(Source: Personal Collection)

I still remember the night I canceled my Toefl class trip to Mount Bromo, one of the most popular trips among pare students. I hated my culpable feeling that night because my classmates had booked the travel agent and already fixed the cost needed. My cancellation brought such terrible situation for them in which they all had to pay a higher cost.
Getting anger message by someone, I obviously knew I was  wrong. I had a serious reason I didn’t wanna tell. I tried to do my daily night activities as normal as I was used to. But I couldn’t. I was talking less with my roommate that night. I felt very ood.

Thing I couldn’t answer likely was when my roommate invited me to go to Mount Kelud with her friends. I answered yes in my mouth but I was not sure I would take that trip tomorrow.

In the sunday morning, I still in my odd feeling. I had no good mood welcoming my trip to another mount. I was too culpably stucked to forget my classmate angers.
My roommate had frequently told me to take a bath and prepare anything to our trip. She had confirmed with her friend that we would rightly go.

Bringing my blank face and odd feeling, I and 3 girls traveled to Mount Kelud. guess what I was thinking about along the over one hours way.

In the way near the exact location where the mountain sensation could be sensed, I could apparently throw my ood mood. I said I was enjoyable with the view. Until we arrived in the park point, I told to myself to forget my last stupid feeling.

Thinking about Mount Kelud, I could feel the cool air freshened my body. Lots of people came and walked to the top of the mountain. Acrossing the ascend path, there are so much beautiful views i ever saw in this year. There are a lot of mountains with fresh green colored nature. I was totally impressed by it. Thankyou 2017.








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