Three Incredibly Awed Hikes

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Three Incredibly Awed Hikes While I was Junior High School

In the name of Allah, The Lord of The Universe, I am hugely thankful for all the things have happened in 19 years of my life. Gratefully accepting in a university with the majority I like, living with lovely old friends and new friends, having various experiences, having a totally sacrificial dad and brother, and  Staying in a friendly city Yogyakarta, are all I grateful of until now.

It was a Sunday morning heart-filled training when I got an inspiration for a new writing in my blog. I was in a kind of flashback thoughts to my previous life. Nowadays, because I am too busy to remember how my life was, doing all the duties I have to and all the productive and influential activities to prepare my future dream.

So what is the inspiration like? It might look as simply as a diary posting, but for me it’s a new idea to tell. I will start from my JHS story in this post.

I realized how I freely took whatever I want to do in life since I was in junior high school. My parents never limited me to explore what I was curious about. I went school to formally study from Monday to Friday and did some sport and skill activities in Saturday and the activities I like the most, hiked to a mountain or a hill. This post will mostly consist of hiking story.

I frequently went to hike such hills  in my junior age, I experienced when you were about to die because the limited and slippery hill paths, when I really thought to back down because it was hard to breath, when there was no string to catch, when you were forced to keep yourself safely and when you finally reached the top.

I don’t too remember the  first hill I, my school friends, and my great teachers mounted. I think there was at least once a month my school planned to hike. I just remember tree remarkable hiking.

The first one is hiking to a hill in Situjuh, Lima Puluh Kota. It was an unusual hiking than our monthly plan. It took more than one hour arriving to the location because it is in another region. I do not exactly know how long we climbed and hiked the hill but I remember the moment We hiked near to the end location there was a waterfall sound.

In the hard breathing time, the largely high waterfall shown its tremendousness. I really felt amazed at that time. All the efforts to not give up had pay off with the awful views in the end of our climbing. It wasn’t the first time I saw a waterfall but it was my first time going a hike and surprisingly seeing the waterfalls in the refreshed forest of the hill.

The second one is hiking in the hill name I forget with crossing a hard swift river. (I think I need to get the throwback line more to continue this post).

To be continued….

So, How do you feel?

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