Take A Breath and Question Yourself


Why I incessantly consider that I have no adequate time to end up all of my whole plans in every week

Why I oftentimes feel that there are overload troubles along my work when  I’ve start with indeed grooming

Why I become enormously pitiful when people look at me so bad with a massive load appears in my sight

Why those kinds of efforts could tighten my mind to breath freely

Why I have been bounded with desired to do lists I made by myself

Why I have no power to refuse such things sound inopportune

Why I sometimes find myself stressed during studying in the class room

Why I drop unusual time to decide some light decisions in my daily life

Why I seriously have more duties to finish at certain time but no one know, no one around me read it.

Why my mind runs over for indefinite matters that would not fall out as my mind does

 Why some people could smoothly name that I am a labile one?

 And an immense question I ask to myself is why I have a thousand affairs to do

In my way of thinking, everyone would always be shot by troubles in life. People have their own problems that might be different to others. What differentiates someone’s characteristic to another one is about time management. Realizing that I couldn’t always be a well-managed student answers why I have those questions above. Because what I’ve been planned would never be perpetually alike, because you couldn’t expect a reality comes the same as your ideality wants and because you would obtain unpredictable situation in life. In line with it, I try to be more cool off and avoid stress even I get  disturbances immediately. So, calm down and enjoy the processes.

So, How do you feel?

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