One Time


Sitting in a calmy air everyday. The people around seems to have the same feeling with me. We brings our works in. Facing the colored srceen earnestly and hearing the speedy & low tune. In what reasons do I have to bored with my life? normally, there is nothing.
Look back to what actually you can do in your life. Is there serious boundary that arrest you to walk or to run whenever you want?

The night before, the first time I was concerned with how could I directly return home after having dinner with a friend. It was still 19.00 o clock and I had no idea to spend Saturday night.
And, I decided to go around the city with her.

Me, I just wanna spend every single day with productivity. I always warn my self to not waste time with unconsciously taking too much time scrolling social media timeline. I of course have known how it all matters is unimportant, no benefit just waste my time.
But, I am the one who seems so thoughtful of my life that my friends often said it to me, I still felt I did not do right things in a day. I remembered it before going sleep. It ends with reproaching to my self.

The sound I rarely heard. Ringing more than once. Some texts appeared in my screen. One of them is from a number I like the most. Not a number of someone, but it is a number that showed up some new inserts in my account even it was the ended date of July.
Gratefully, the fact where I never be let getting starving and difficulty in finance. There is no word could describe how I am extremely thankful to be given a father like my heroes father.


So, How do you feel?

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