One Time


Sitting in a calmy air everyday. The people around seems to have the same feeling with me. We brings our works in. Facing the colored srceen earnestly and hearing the speedy & low tune. In what reasons do I have to bored with Continue reading “One Time”


Take A Breath and Question Yourself


Why I incessantly consider that I have no adequate time to end up all of my whole plans in every week

Why I oftentimes feel that there are overload troubles along my work when  I’ve start with indeed grooming

Why I become enormously pitiful when people look at me so bad with a massive load appears in my sight

Why those kinds of efforts could tighten my mind to breath freely Continue reading “Take A Breath and Question Yourself”

Three Incredibly Awed Hikes

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Three Incredibly Awed Hikes While I was Junior High School

In the name of Allah, The Lord of The Universe, I am hugely thankful for all the things have happened in 19 years of my life. Gratefully accepting in a university with the majority I like, living with lovely old friends and new friends, having various experiences, having a totally sacrificial dad and brother, and  Staying in a friendly city Yogyakarta, are all I grateful of until now.

It was a Sunday morning heart-filled training when I got an inspiration for a new writing in my blog. I was in a kind of flashback thoughts to my previous life. Nowadays, because I am too busy to remember how my life was, doing all the duties I have to and all the productive and influential activities to prepare my future dream.

So what is the inspiration like? It might look as simply as a diary posting, but for me it’s a new idea to tell. I will start from my JHS story in this post.

I realized how I freely took whatever I want to do in life since I was in junior high school. My parents never limited me Continue reading “Three Incredibly Awed Hikes”

How I Began 2017 – Mount Kelud Trip

(Source: Personal Collection)

I still remember the night I canceled my Toefl class trip to Mount Bromo, one of the most popular trips among pare students. I hated my culpable feeling that night because my classmates had booked the travel agent and already fixed the cost needed. My cancellation brought such terrible situation for them in which they all had to pay a higher cost.
Getting anger message Continue reading “How I Began 2017 – Mount Kelud Trip”

Nonton Pawai Budaya Jogja


Jum’at lalu, tepatnya 7 Oktober 2016 Jogja maghrib kembali diguyur oleh hujan yang cukup deras dalam waktu yang terbilang tidak singkat. Gue dan beberapa teman- teman industri dari sehabis UTS—kamis, udah merencanakan untuk pergi lihat Pawai Budaya Jogja. Awalnya sempat batalin aja planning ini karena emang rasanya nggak mungkin pergi, tapi menjelang jam 19 ternyata hujan mulai mereda dan ada harapan bahwa planning ini tidak akan menjadi wacana. Continue reading “Nonton Pawai Budaya Jogja”

CO2 yang Kita Hasilkan Sehari- Hari

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CO2 atau Karbon Dioksida atau zat asam arang adalah sejenis senyawa kimia yang terdiri dari dua atom oksigen yang terikat secara kovalen dengan sebuah atom karbon. (,2016) CO2 sebenarnya juga memiliki peran penting dalam beberapa aktivitas kehidupan misalnya fotosintesis. Namun jika kadar CO2 diudara sudah terlalu banyak, maka hal ini akan berdampak pada kesehatan manusia, apalagi jika tidak diseimbangkan dengan jumlah tumbuhan- tumbuhan hijau di jalanan yang dilalui kendaraan bermotor. Continue reading “CO2 yang Kita Hasilkan Sehari- Hari”

Saat Ditanya Passion

Taman Monjali - Jogjakarta
Taman Monjali
– Jogjakarta

Passion atau yang biasa gue maknai sebagai bakat dan minat seseorang adalah suatu hal yang jika ditanyakan akhir- akhir ini akan sulit bagi gue untuk menjawabnya. Gue sepanjang hari, tepatnya semenjak gue tau gue dapat kuliah dimana, gue terus memikirkan tentang hal ini. Gue sama sekali gak bisa jawab, apalagi kalau disuruh satu passion doang.

Dari ketiadaan gue menjawab pertanyaan yang terkait dengan diri gue sendiri, gue berpikir apa sebenarnya faktor penyebab semua ini. Gue putar ulang kehidupan yang telah gue lalui tahun- tahun sebelumnya terutama masa SMA. Ternyata pantas aja gue gak bisa jawab passion gue apa, karena gue bisa dibilang gak melakukan satu jenis hobby apapun ketika SMA. Rugi banget kan? Iya rugi! Continue reading “Saat Ditanya Passion”