Fanfiction List



1.  Pray To Love

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Last Part

(main cast : Seojung/Oc, Ryeowook, Onew, Key. genre : sad, friendship, romance)

*warning:PTL ini ff debut aku,jadi ga usah di baca, cos masih asal- asalan mulai dari bahasanya, alurnya ceritanya, dan juga kurang bagus. terus udah lama banget di buatnya.^^

2. Slow But Sure

1st Story   2nd Story  3rd Story 4th story

5th Story 6th Story 7th story 8th story  9th story…..  WIP

(main cast : Donghae, Jessica as sooyeon, Junghee/author/oc, Kris. 

Genre: Sad, Romance, Family, AU)

3.Someone Like You

1st story   2nd story 3rd story   4thStory/END

(main cast : Yoona, Donghae, Kyuhyun.

genre: Sad, hurt, romance, AU)

4. Our Secret

 Chapter 1  chapter 2… WIP 

(main cast: Chanyeol, Haeyeol… others. genre: Detective, mystery)

5. 7GEN’s Life

Junghee’s Side Other Side… WIP

(main cast : Junghee/oc/author, lay, ahreum, sulli, jiyeon, chanyeol, sehun. genre: sad, friendship, romance)

6. Taman Air Mata

Love For A Week 1/? [Before Story of Taman Air Mata]

(main cast : Changmin, Junghee/author/oc. support : Kyuhyun. 

genre : sad, hurt, angst,)

7. More Than Love

chapter 1 chapter 2 … WIP

(main cast : Sehun, Haeyeol (author), Chanyeol, Jiwon/original character. genre: romance, sad, friendship, brothership, family.)

Ficlet & Drabble

 1. Back Again 

(main cast : Onew, Sulli )


(main cast : Chanyeol, Junghee/author/oc.)

3. Every Place I go, I’ll think of You

(main cast : Kris, Haeyeol/author/oc. genre: Romance )

4. I Hate My Hobby

(main cast : Kris, Haeyeol/author/oc. genre: sad )

5. I’m So Jealous

(main cast: Junghee/author/oc, Kris, Tao. 

Genre : Yaoi, sad,hurt)

6. What is That 

( main cast : kyuhyun and his father. genre : sad, angst, family )

7. Leaving This World

( main cast : kyuhyun, junghee. genre : sad, angst, family. )

8. Forget About Me

(cast : kyuhyun, yoona, jihyun/oc, krystal, minho. genre : family, sad)


1. Darkest Hour

(main cast: Kyuhyun, Junghee/author/oc, donghae, siwon, Ocs. 

genre: Horror, AU, Romance,sad)

2. Only Your Angel

(main cast: Yesung, Sunny as soonkyu, donghae. 

genre: Fantasy, romance, friendship,sad)

3. Thanks For ‘SHerlock’

(main cast : onew, shinee’s member, junghee/author/oc. 

genre: present for SHINee’s Sherlock album.)

4.Happy Hiking

( main cast: Junghee/author/oc, gongchan, donghae.

genre: friendship, romance, brothership)

5.Be Patient Wife

(main cast: Kyuhyun, junghee/author/oc.

genre: romance, kekerasan *sdkt*, family, marriage life)

6.Because Of Yuri

(main cast : Donghae, Yuri.  genre: School life, romance)

7. Wrong Number

(main cast : Kris, Haeyeol /oc/author. genre : comedy(?) school life, friendship)

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  1. Hello, Hello Oooo…#alashinne#Unnie???, buat FF Sunny dong jebbal.

    Aku suka FF Unnie daebak.
    Tapi belum baca sepenuhnya msih baca cast doang#plak#

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